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We offer corporate employees the opportunity to collaborate/cooperate with Nonprofit Organizations in the frame of ‘mini-projects’ in our Mingle Program. During this cooperation, participants are learning from each other in deep-dive sessions. As an outcome, we expect that corporate employees will reach higher level of sensitivity thus engagement by experiencing mutual empowerment. Regarding nonprofits, they will learn new, useful and productive business methods and approaches related to financial and project management.


  • consider yourself as an Innovative organization and want to inspire employees with innovative methods
  • wish to develop leadership and mentoring skills among employees
  • intend to increase engagement on corporate level
  • have the ambition to support inter-company and cross-functional information flow and communication

  • need valuable and committed employees who are looking for new insights that is not available within the company

  • improve your internal business processes and products

  • gain hands-on experience about corporate workflows

  • to support continuous learning in case overall business accumen and financial basics is not available within your organization

  • to acquire new project management methods and approaches



Step 1.

Inputs from NGOs will be collected and evaluated with the help of a questionnaire asking for their learning and cooperational expectations.

Step 2.

Participants from companies will be nominated based on learning and development needs and adequate experience.

Step 3.

After selecting participants, deep dive technique is used to rapidly immerse this team into a situation for problem solving or idea creation.

Step 4.

We would provide feedback for both organisations and metrics, if required, based on their learning experiences.